Chesaeake, VA police officer Timothy SchockAfter an accident that took the life of a loved one, sometimes just understanding what caused the accident can bring closure to the family. Unfortunately for the family of Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), Senior Police officer Timothy Schock, they are still no closer to learning the cause of a fatal December 2011 dive accident that took him from them.

After months of official investigations by multiple law enforcement agencies, officials say it’s still a mystery why Schock’s weight-release system failed, preventing him from quickly surfacing after experiencing trouble under water. What’s even stranger is why all the other 12 weight belts of the police dive team also failed to release properly when tested.

As a Virginia defective and dangerous product injury attorney, I know that when a product injures or kills someone, the victim or survivors may be able to file a claim against the manufacturer. Expert testimony is normally needed to show the nature of the problem inherent in the product’s design or in the way the item was produced. In the Schock case, however, the police department has not allowed the manufacturer to inspect the products that malfunctioned, making this case far from ordinary.