Motorcyclist Injured In Utah (UT) Light Rail Train Accident: How Long for Norfolk, VA?

Many people have been expressing concern over the lack of active warning devices such as safety arms for the light rail system in Norfolk, Virginia (VA). The current system employs a warning light and a train whistle when a Tide train approaches. A local news channel has shown, however, that someone in a vehicle with the windows up and the radio on may not hear the audible signal.

A recent
accident that indicates the need for more active rail crossing warnings and barriers involves one the injured two people who were riding a motorcycle when they were struck by a TRAX light rail train in Salt Lake City, Utah (UT).  As a Virginia (VA) railroad injury attorney, I wonder how long it will take before a motorcyclist is injured or killed at one of our area's light rail crossings. A motorcycle helmet could easily muffle the warning blast from a train and may also make seeing the warning light more difficult to see.

Installing automatic warning bars that drop in front of the road and visibly and physically block the path of traffic and pedestrians would be the easiest way to save lives. My colleagues and I have represented many clients who have been
hurt at railroad crossings.  In one particular case, the railroad crew was travelling through territory that did not require horn blasts at crossings.  A father had his two children in the car when his vehicle was hit by the train at a railroad crossing that was overgrown with vegetation.

The point is that railroad crossings are dangerous to everyone, including the people on trains. Therefore, every effort should be made to safeguard passengers, motorists train crews and pedestrians at crossings. 

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