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injury lawyer, texting, driving, hand-held device, accident, accidents, car, motorcycleRandall Hellwig, a motorcyclist from Sioux Falls, was badly injured after a semitrailer rear ended him. The truck driver was encouraged to use a hand-held communication device by his trucking company – the Virginia (VA) based Old Dominion Freight Line, according to the Argus Leader.

The police report states Jeff Peterson, the truck driver, perused his “hand-held message device” before the accident, which occurred on Interstate 229.

This accident occurred as the national spotlight fell upon distracted driving. Our law firm has written extensively about Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s comments on texting while driving. The risk associated with texting and using your cell phone while driving is extremely high and just not worth it.

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¬†Representatives of Old Dominion Freight Line argue that Jeff did not fully “utilize” the hand-held device, but rather was glancing at it. This type of argument leads to very interesting legal questions such as – What constitutes a glance? When is a hand-held device fully “utilized”? Does any device which requires the driver take their eyes off the road lead to distracted driving? These questions will need to be answered in a court of law.

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