Multi-Car Accident Shuts Down I-40 for Hours in Durham County, North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The Wake County Sheriff Office still isn’t sure what was to blame for the multi-car accident that involved over 50 vehicles and closed down much of I-40 through Durham County, North Carolina (NC).

Rain may have been a major factor. John Hughes, a driver involved in the multi-car accident said, “I think the rain was probably the biggest cause. A lot of people were not able to see it was a hard rain, a misty. Their vision was impaired.” The Wake County Sheriff Office also reported that a driver of a tractor-trailer may have lost control of the truck and sideswiped a number of cars. However, most drivers reported that the car accidents seemed to be a chain reaction.

Whatever the cause of the pile up clean up still took hours, emergency crews were dispatch to treat minor injuries on the scene. The Wake County Sheriff Office directed drivers involved in the car accidents to go to a local hotel off I-40 to give statements. Meanwhile, police officers were able to finally open one lane. Amazingly, no one sustained major injuries in the car accidents.

Now that I-40 has been cleared and all lanes are open, and no major injuries have been reported in the multiple car crashes all seems well again, but the driver’s involved in the accidents still have their concerns. Most drivers fear an insurance nightmare, with so many cars being involved and no clear cause for most of the car accidents, many drivers are afraid they will be facing a long battle with their insurance companies.