New Bern Collision Sends Two Babies, Four Others to the Hospital | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A crash on Monday night in New Bern has sent two babies and four others to the hospital. The Highway Patrol reports three vehicles were involved in the crash on Howell Road at Williams Road in New Bern around 8:00 Monday night.

The New Bern Sun Journal says a Mustang ran a stop sign on Howell Road and collided with a car coming from the east and a pick up truck coming from the west on Williams Road.

The paper says the Mustang driver was airlifted to the hospital. Ambulances took five others, including the two babies, to the hospital. Everyone was expected to survive. The paper also noted only one of the two babies was in a car seat.

Stop Signs serve a basic but very important function of directing traffic and giving one street the right of way. It is the duty of every driver to stop at a stop sign, look carefully for traffic, and only proceed when traffic is clear and safe to do so. Careful driving and obeying traffic signs and signals can help avoid many automobile accidents and trucking accidents which result in thousands of injuries and deaths every year.