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Homeowners in Newport News, Virginia (VA) decided to unleash some of their unrest and dissatisfaction to the government and prominent homebuilder’s response to the toxic Chinese drywall predicament. These homeowners hung white sheets with red lettering indicating the home was built with the hazardous drywall, according to

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Ken Allen, the president of Atlantis Homes (the company which built numerous homes in Newport News) wrote a letter to residents detailing his exasperation with the current situation.

“We know from litigation around the country that insurance carriers will do everything in their power to deny coverage for [toxic Chinese drywall],” Allen wrote. “We know this situation is extremely upsetting to you, as it is to us. It appears we both may be victims.”

Allen is referring to the fact that many insurance companies are claiming the toxic Chinese drywall falls under a “pollution clause” in a general policy and therefore, they are not required to cover repairs.

Clearly, the maneuvers made by insurance companies are highly dubious and disturbing. I wonder what they’d do if one of their employees or executives found toxic Chinese drywall in their home.

Our law firm has written extensively about the Chinese drywall problem in Virginia (VA) and the insurance companies alarming tactics to avoid financial responsibility.

Something needs to be done. The residents of Newport News are justified in venting their frustrations and hopefully, this wrong will be righted soon.

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