What happened:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced it may be expanding 2008 recall involving General Motors Co. Pontiac G6 brake lights. The original recall, which was issued in 2009, involved 8,000 vehicles. But the NHTSA has started an investigation to determine if the recall should now include over 550,000 Pontiac G6 vehicles.

In a recent report on MSN, the NHTSA says it has not received over 200 complaints from consumers that brake lights won’t come on when the pedal is pressed, or the lights come on for no reason. Some of the complaints also say the cruise control disengages for no reason, or it may not work at all and the NHTSA is trying to determine whether or not that issue will involve a recall, as well.

In the original recall, which only affected vehicles manufactured in 2005, GM determined that the problem was caused by corrosion in a wiring connector. The repair involves putting a lubricant on the connector to prevent corrosion.


The North Carolina Injury Lawyer Perspective:   

Faulty brake lights can be very dangerous. When there are no brake lights to signal that a vehicle is slowing down, a rear-end crash can occur. Brake lights that keep illuminating even when a vehicle isn’t slowing down can also cause confusion to other drivers and may contribute to causing accidents.

We hope that the NHTSA also acts swiftly in determining a recall for the cruise control malfunction before any crashes or injuries occur.

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