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North Carolina Girl Survives Pinned in Overturned Car for Two Days

For two days, a Craven County, North Carolina (NC), girl survived in an overurned car, trapped by her seat belt and next to her deceased father. According to ABC News, the November 2011 accident occurred due to excess speed: When the car was found and the 9-year-old girl rescued, the car's speedometer read 110 mph. 

One reason the girl was not rescued earler was because her mother had crashed her own car less than 100 feet away from the original car scene while searching for the daughter and father,

This crash reminds us there are many people on the roads who fail to reduce speed in response to road conditions
 and cause serious injuries or death to themselves and others. To learn more about what to do when you or a loved one gets hurt in a car wreck, check out our online library of articles devoted to the subject.

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