North Carolina Radio Host Charged With DWI And Hit-And-Run | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A North Carolina conservative talk show host and radio sports broadcaster is in trouble with the law after causing a North Carolina car accident while under the influence of alcohol. After the NC car accident took place, the host fled the scene of the crime without stopping.

According to My Fox 8 and the Burlington Times News, 75-year-old Bill Huff was diving home at approximately 3 in the afternoon on August 25 when he allegedly caused an accident while driving under the influence. The North Carolina car accident took place on Kitchin Street near Overbrook Drive in Burlington when the talk show host collided with an Escalade SUV. Huff did not slow down or stop after the collision and was pulled over shortly after the NC collision on Fountain Place near South Church Street.

Burlington police officer G.M. Fitch spoke with Huff, noting the smell of alcohol on his breath. The breathalizer test revealed that Huff had a blood alcohol level of 0.11, over the legal limit, and the sports newscaster also preformed poorly at the field sobriety test. In addition, the North Carolina police officer noted that Huff was having difficulty walking and was slurring his speech.

Fitch noted that Huff should have known that he was involved in the collision despite the fact that he was inebriated at the time of the accident. Huff has been charged with failure to stop as well as with a North Carolina DWI.

Huff is the sports director at WBAG where he has been employed for almost 50 years. In addition, he is the host of “Talkline.”