North Carolina Visitor Drives into Trees off N.C. 54 after Leaving Airport | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Recently, a man visiting North Carolina ran off the road and into the trees just after coming from the airport. The car crash occurred in Morrisville, North Carolina (N.C.) after the traveler had just arrived at Raleigh-Durham International Airport drove off N.C. Highway 54 and into some trees overnight Raleigh police reported.

The Alabama man was driving south on Airport Boulevard, which ends at an intersection with N.C. 54/Chapel Hill Road Apparently, the man drove across N.C. 54 and into some trees on the other side, pinning him in the vehicle until first responders arrived. Rescuers extricated him and transported him to Duke Hospital. There was no word on the extent of his injuries.

It would be easy to speculate the cause of this wreck and the culprit to many other injuries that occur on North Carolina highways: In-car technology. It is a growing concern for road safety specialists. As the digital age evolves we are seeing the introduction of satellite navigation systems and DVD players to our cars as standard. Then, of course, there is the ongoing battle of mobile phone use while behind the wheel. 

It is now very popular to opt-in for cars that have built in GPS Satellite Navigation Systems which can pinpoint a particular destination via satellite and provide you with directions through a computerized voice on how to get there. This is the modern alternative to the map and is handy for finding your way around but is not always reliable. It has been documented in many cases that motorists have been known to cause car accidents while fiddling around with the controls.

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