Paint Violation Causes Sport Toys to Be Recalled | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A Cleveland company has been cited for a lead paint violation causing it to recall all of its basketball “Sport Balls” party favors product line. These items have been circulated throughout the country, including North Carolina. The company, American Greetings Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio removed the DesignWare Sport Balls party favors when they were discovered to have unwarranted amounts of lead in the paint.

According to the recall, the package contains four different sport balls: A basketball, a football, a baseball and a soccer ball. However, only the basketball is in violation of the federal lead paint standard.

Packages with the date August 2004 through April 2009 are recalled. The model number for the defective packages is SPBL-1821. The party favors are sold at a range of retailers in the U.S. Consumers of this product are to contact American Greetings to receive a coupon for a replacement.

Due to much public awareness promotion in the past, most people understand the dangers that lie in product made with lead, especially when it is in paint. Lead is a toxic metal that was used for many years in products found in and around our homes. However, what you may not know is that lead can also be emitted into the air from motor vehicles and industrial sources, and lead can enter drinking water from plumbing materials.

Lead may cause a range of health effects, from behavioral problems and learning disabilities, to seizures and death. Children six years old and under are most at risk. The most common sources of lead poisoning is from deteriorating lead-based paint, lead contaminated dust, and lead contaminated residential soils.

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