Pedestrian Left for Dead in Virginia Beach Middle School Parking Lot

Few details are available about a near-fatal hit-and-run pedestrian accident that occurred on S. Lynnhaven Road in Virginia Beach sometime before sunrise on September 20, 2014. Police alerted news outlets that they found the victim lying in the parking lot behind Plaza Middle School and suffering life-threatening injuries. Officials, however, had no information about what vehicle struck him or who the at-fault driver is.



Anyone who may have seen the collision or who has information that could lead to identifying the person who hit the man and then fled the scene is being asked to call 1-888-LOCK-U-UP. Tips can be left anonymously. The school where the victim was discovered is a heavily traveled corridor near Lynnhaven Mall and between the main roads of Lynnhaven Parkway and Salina Drive. Witnesses seem likely, and having them step forward is essential.

I write that as a longtime personal injury lawyer who practices in Virginia Beach and has helped many people injured in hit-and-run collisions. Finding the individuals who cause such wrecks can be difficult, but it is not impossible when people of goodwill share information. Also, it is often true that the only way to ensure that a crash victim receives adequate compensation to cover medicals bills, lost wages and other accident-related expenses is to find the person who hit them. Successfully bringing insurance claims requires knowing who has liability.

The person hit by the driver who left the accident scene no doubt faces a long and difficult recovery. Locating that driver and holding him or her accountable can make bearing the financial aspects of that recovery easier.


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