What Happened

A pedestrian was struck in the 700 block of North Military Highway on February 18, 2013.

According to eyewitnesses the man walked across Military Highway and dropped something. When he turned around to pick it up he was struck by an SUV. Police shut down all lanes of traffic and the victim was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Accidents of this nature stress the importance of always being aware of your surroundings for both pedestrians and vehicle operators alike. Pedestrians should never trust the driver of an automobile to yield or even see them as they cross or walk along a street. There is a huge misconception that cars always have the right of way, however this is not the case. A knowledgeable Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer will know Virginia (VA) has passed legislation to give pedestrians extra protection as well as your rights as a victim. There are many safety measures in place to protect you as a pedestrian but never take your safety for granted. If it’s possible a pedestrian should always cross the street in a crosswalk, and follow the proper signals on when to cross. If there is no crosswalk available a pedestrian should use the utmost care and wait for an extended opening in traffic to cross safely. The possibility of a personal injury claim will be dependent on the police investigation but if the driver is found to be at-fault for this accident the pedestrian will have a good possibility to obtain compensation for his injuries.

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