A pickup truck and a school bus carrying disabled children wound up hitting each other at the intersection of Route 53 and Route 618 in Albemarle County, Virginia (VA). The truck-bus wreck resulted in life-threatening injuries to the pickup truck driver, according to the Washington Examiner.

 The passengers on the bus were treated at a local VA hospital and eventually released. The exact condition of the pickup truck driver remains unknown, but he apparently took the brunt of the crash.

What was the cause of this accident? Well, police have cited the school bus driver for failing to yield the right of way which led to this intersection wreck.

Serious accidents at intersections are a far too common occurrence. Drivers run red lights, fail to stop when the approach a stop sign, or are simply too eager and enter an intersection without properly accounting for on-coming traffic.

If you come to an intersection, do not make a hasty decision. Apply your brakes, check for oncoming traffic and use proper signals.  This may sound like common sense, but many drivers neglect to follow these principles and wind up suffering a serious injury in an intersection wreck.