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Radio Flyer Signs Licensing Agreement With VA Product Liability Attorney Richard N. Shapiro

What is blue and black and folds to 7 inches flat?

It's the newest product dreamed up by Virginia (VA) personal injury attorney and inventor Richard N. Shapiro. His innovative wagon has wheels that fold into the wagon for easy storage and transportation. 
Radio Flyer, one of the nation's top wagon manufacturers, recently signed a licensing agreement with Shapiro and began selling two models that include one of his inventions, a handle that folds over and into the wagon.

An attorney who
holds 14 U.S. patents for compact, folding-wheel axle technology, Shapiro also has experience successfully representing plaintiffs in product liability cases. If you were injured by a defective product, you can file an injury claim against the manufacturer of that product. Expert testimony is normally needed to show the nature of the problem inherent in the product's design or in the way the item was produced. The injured person has to prove that the car or product was not safe for use at the time it was sold or left the maker's hands.

One such product liability case involving a defect in a fiberglass ladder was resolved in his clients favor for $375,000
. Our client was an electrician who suffered a fractured tibia when the fiberglass ladder on which the worker was standing failed. 

In product liability cases it really pays to have a
Virginia attorney that knows product liability laws from the inside out.

Richard N. Shapiro
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