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Reckless Driver Evading Police in Virginia Beach Causes Major Accident, Injuries

A Virginia police officer attempted to stop a vehicle that had fictitious tags on Virginia Beach Boulevard near Aragona Boulevard. The driver could have stopped and avoided the myriad of charges that were soon to be levied against him. Instead, he decided to evade the police.
The driver took off speeding and turned onto Cleveland Street. His vehicle then spun out of control and crashed into a Toyota 4Runner and a Ford Taurus, according to wtkr.comThe mayhem continued since the reckless driver's vehicle continued to spin and crashed into two parked cars before finally coming to rest near a third parked car.
If that wasn't bad enough, the reckless driver opted to continue the evasion by running away. Though, he was eventually captured. 
This driver's irresponsible and haphazard behavior resulted in two innocent people suffering injuries. One of those injured victims is reportedly in serious condition. 
Here is a news report on this awful Virginia Beach accident:
It's so frustrating to read about these types of preventable accidents. If only the driver exercised more care and decided to simply stop when police put on the sirens. Instead, he decided to bolt and wound up injuring two people. The drivert is also facing felony charges for eluding police, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and having fictitious plates, according to

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