It has been almost a year since three young people in West Virginia were killed in a senseless and tragic accident stemming from road rage.  Although they passed some time ago, I know the pain is still fresh in the hearts of their families.  I hope they are able to recover emotionally from this terrible crime. 

A twenty-two-year-old man from Ohio was convicted in September of malicious wounding and leaving the scene of a fatal accident. He was sentenced to serve ten years for the malicious assault conviction and three years for fleeing the accident, reports WHSV News.

Police say he rammed a pickup truck with his vehicle on Interstate 70 in January, pushing it into the path of a tractor trailer which killed the three young people and left another with serious injuries.

Although this is an extreme example, I’ve seen road rage right here at home in Hampton Roads, Virginia (VA).  Just try crossing the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel on a Friday afternoon.  It’s enough to get anyone on edge, careless drivers switching lanes without signaling, the stop and go traffic, not to mention the people that drive on the shoulder. 

Just remember, try to remain calm while driving your car. If someone cuts you off, stops abruptly, or performs some other irresponsible driving maneuver, don’t react angrily. Trying to get even is not worth the potential ramifications. It’s wiser to just count to 10 and move on with your life than trying to “one-up” the other driver and wind up potentially getting into a car wreck and/or suffering a serious injury like a broken neck, shattered pelvis, severed limb, or traumatic brain injury.