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SC Man Killed, Woman Injured in 'Non-Contact' Hit-and-Run on I-20 Near Columbia

A fatal SUV rollover accident on I-20 near the Clemson Road exit toward Columbia, South Carolina (SC), is being blamed on an as-yet-unidentified car driver who was speeding and made an abrupt lane just before the crash. According to The State, the woman driving the SUV lost control of her vehicle when she had to swerve to avoid the car. She suffered serious injuries, and her husband lost his life after being thrown from their GMC Yukon.

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WISTV later reported that police are seeking the other driver for questioning about the "non-contact" hit-and-run accident. While that term is new to us as attorneys whose firm regularly represents victims of Carolina car wrecks, we are very familiar with the dangers of speeding and making unsafe or illegal lane changes. All drivers need to obey posted speed limits and ensure they can change lanes safely. Any deviation from the rules of the road by one driver puts everyone else on the road in danger for injuries and loss of life.

Turning to the victims, our heartfelt condolences and wishes for a full recovery go out the woman who lost her husband in the accident. We also hope that the driver who caused the deadly accident can be found and held accountable. But even if that does not happen, South Carolina's uninsured motorist laws ensure that the woman will be able to receive some compensation for her own injures and for the untimely, wrongful death of her life companion.


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