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Seven People Killed on Virginia's Roads over Thanksgiving Holiday

A recent press release from the Virginia State Police announced some positive auto accident news. According to the agency, the anticipated record number of Thanksgiving weekend travelers taking to Virginia roads did not result in the feared record number of car crash deaths. There were seven people killed in car accidents over the five-day holiday stretch, compared to nine people last year, and eight fatalities in 2014.

Two of the victims killed were pedestrians, the other five were either vehicle drivers or passengers. Four of the five victims were not wearing seat belts.

State troopers were very visible on the roads, implementing the state’s Operation C.A.R.E. (Combined Accident Reduction Effort). The national program is aimed at reducing car accidents, fatalities, and injuries caused by drivers who are speeding or operating under the influence. The program also targets commuters who fail to use seat belts or child restraints. State troopers’ yield from the weekend included:

  • Speeding drivers: 9,594 cited;
  • Reckless drivers: 2,812 cited;
  • Drunk drivers: 137 arrested;
  • Seat belt violations: 597 cited;
  • Child restraint violations: 206 cited; and
  • Car accidents: 1,131 investigated.

Police intend to continue Operation C.A.R.E. throughout the holiday season, as well as participate in Checkpoint Strikeforce. The zero-tolerance program’s goal is to get drunk and impaired drivers off the roads by implementing checkpoints and extra patrols. Studies have shown that the use of sobriety checkpoints by law enforcement can reduce the number of people killed in alcohol-related car accidents by 20 percent.

If you have lost a family member in a car crash caused by a negligent or careless vehicle driver, contact a skilled Virginia wrongful death attorney to find out what legal recourse your family may have for your loved one’s death or injuries. Our VA car accident firm understands that there is no amount of money that will ever make up for your loved one’s death, but we also understand that in addition to the overwhelming emotional loss, there are often severe financial burdens this loss can place on families. Obligations such as funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses occurred at the scene of the crash and/or hospital as medical personnel tried to save the life of their loved ones, and loss of wages and other financial benefits can all destroy a family’s financial security.  

Our personal injury firm also offers a free wrongful death guide for families who have lost a loved one in an accident. The guide covers topics such as the statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death claim, what types of damages can be pursued, and who can be appointed as personal representative.

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