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Several Crashes on I-95 Lead to Serious Injuries, Deaths.

What Happened: According to, numerous crashes over a two-day period in Interstate 95 in Virginia have left motorists injured and two motorists dead. One crash occurred near Thornburg, Virginia, and left multiple people injured, with one being taken to a local hospital; another, near Quantico, resulted in the driver of a motorcycle, along with his passenger, being taken to hospitals for injuries, with another driver being charged for following too closely and causing the accident. Another crash involving a motorcycle had happened the day before; a cyclist, identified by police as Timothy Halpin, was struck by a tractor-trailer on the interstate and subsequently died.
One of the accidents occurred just south of Quantico, Virginia, pictured here: 

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The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective: Interstates can be a dangerous place on which for motorists to travel. Stop-and-go traffic can cause accidents, and the high volume of trucks and tractor-trailers on interstates often results in serious car crashes. Motorists should take special care when driving on interstates, particularly at peak traffic times and during poor weather conditions.

Our deepest sympathies are with anyone who has had to endure the terrifying and potentially-injurious experience of a car accident; it is not an easy thing to deal with, especially if one has been hurt in the process, or lost a loved one. The victims of a car accident, or those who have tragically lost a loved one in an accident, should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney to determine their rights for legal redress or compensation.

Potentially Helpful Info: After a car accident, it can be unclear what to do next; the victim is confused and scared and possibly injured, as well. The personal injury attorneys at our Virginia (VA) law firm have written a helpful article that details important steps to take in the event of a car accident; you can read it here.  For instance, you should write down the details of the wreck as soon as possible.

It’s also important to be aware of the various Virginia statutes regarding insurance payouts in the event of a car accident. Our Virginia personal injury attorneys have published an article that gathers and explains the relevant legal regulations regarding car accidents and insurance; click here to look it over.

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