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Sharing the Road with Commercial Trucks in Rainy Conditions

This week in our library section, we discussed what makes commercial tractor-trailers so dangerous in rainy conditions and on wet roads. Now that you know the physics behind rain-related truck accidents in Virginia, let’s take a look at how you can help prevent these accidents from happening in the first place:

•    Give trucks lots of room. The most important safety measure you can take in rainy weather is to give tractor-trailers plenty of space in case they need to brake quickly or come to a stop. Never tailgate a truck, and move into the right lane if a truck is tailgating you.
•    If you slow down, put on your hazard lights. In a downpour, you may be forced to slow down considerably below the posted speed limit. In these cases, turn on your hazard lights so that approaching trucks know you are proceeding slowly.
•    Realize the dangers of low visibility. Rain can quickly cut down on visibility. If you can’t see very far ahead of you, do not pull over onto the shoulder – it is a dangerous place to be. Either pull off of the road into a parking lot or continue to drive slowly with your hazard lights on. Realize that if you can’t see, neither can commercial truck drivers.
•    Remember that even light rain can cause slick roads. Roads are most slippery in the beginning minutes of a storm, when water mixes with oil and grease build-up on the asphalt. Even if it isn’t raining heavily, it can take longer to stop your car.
•    Stay home if you are able. Follow the weather reports and stay home if possible during downpours or rainstorms with high wind conditions. It is easy to prevent a truck accident if you avoid dangerous situations to begin with!

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