Six Common Causes of Trucking Accidents | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

There are many different reasons that big rig trucks get involved in crashes but six of the most common are:

1.  Inadequate safety training as to driving technique where the truck operator although possessing a commercial driver’s license does not know enough about the proper defensive driving techniques to avoid a collision;

2.  Problems with the cargo loading, securing of the load, and overweight vehicles which can lead to braking problems, balance problems, and tipovers;

3.  Poor maintenance and inspection of the vehicles resulting in some form of mechanical failure such as insufficient brakes, bald tires, or lights and other safety features not working properly;

4.  Driver fatigue, falling asleep at the wheel, or hours of service violations that can arise from the pressures truckers feel financially to press ahead even when they have reached the limit of what they are physically able to do in a safe manner;

5.  Speeding either in excess of the speed limit or at an unsafe rate of speed for the particular conditions including hazardous problems with visibility such as smoke, snow or fog; and

6.  Drug or alcohol use by the truck driver.