A 14-year-old teenager fell off his skateboard and hit his head on the pavement while he was being pulled behind a car driven by a 17-year-old teenager. The result? A potentially life-altering head injury.

The accident occurred in Suffolk, Virginia (VA) on Rabey Farm Road in the Deerfield neighborhood. The 14-year-old teenager is being treated at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital but his condition is not known at this time, according to WAVY.com.

I get frustrated reading about these types of preventable accidents. If more caution and due diligence had been exercised, maybe the quality of this young boy’s life would not be hanging in the balance. If his brain injury is deemed traumatic and causes permanent damage, he could be changed forever.

Traumatic brain injury/head wound victims routinely suffer side effects such as memory loss, blurred vision, reduced cognitive functions, and may even require assistance throughout the day from a nurse. It’s a terrible type of injury that not only affects the victim, but everyone around them.

I hope this young boy is able to pull through and avoids having to face that type of hardship.