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Some Dental X-Rays Dramatically Increase Risk of Developing a Brain Tumor

Some people hate going to the dentist. Well, a recent study revealing a connection between certain dental x-rays and brain tumors probably won’t assuage people’s fears of a dental office.

The study interviewed a test group and asked , among other things, about the person's history of dental work and the number of times they had three types of dental x-rays taken throughout their life: (1) focused image of one area, (2) multiple images of the full mouth and (3) a single panoramic view of the entire mouth (these x-rays are known as bitewing, full-mouth and panorex films, respectively).

Best Injury Lawyers in VirginiaThe study discovered that people diagnosed with a brain tumor known as meningiomas were more than twice as likely to report ever having had bitewing images taken at a dental office, according to Reuters. The study also showed that people who had the x-rays yearly or more were at a 40 to 90 percent increased risk of being diagnosed with a brain tumor.
If x-rays were taken at a young age, especially if done yearly or more often before age 10, increases the risk of developing a brain tumor by up to five times.

So what should you or a loved one do if you were diagnosed with a brain tumor and you suspect it was caused by dental x-rays? Well, you should strongly consider speaking to an attorney to discuss your legal options. At this time, we haven’t determined how much the dental industry knew about the health risks associated with these x-rays, but if legal action is initiated, we can issue FOIA requests and try to get to the bottom of who knew what about these serious dental x-ray side effects. To understand how your attorney could utilize FOIA requests in pursuing damages against the x-ray manufacturer, take a moment to watch this video featuring an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney.  

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