South Carolina High School Senior Killed in Fatal Car Accident | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A senior at West Oak High School was driving their 1995 Plymouth Neon early in the morning on Critter Road in South Carolina (SC).They tried to make a left turn on US Highway 11 when their life tragically ended. A 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup truck was traveling northbound and slammed into the Neon. The student died after being transported to the Oconee County Medical Center, according to

Clearly, this is a terrible loss. My heart goes out to the student’s friends and family. As a father, I couldn’t imagine losing my child in such a tragic manner.

This isn’t the first time West Oak High has struggled with the loss of a student. A couple years ago, three West Oak High School students were killed after their car crashed into a truck and then a restaurant, according to

Accidents involving a car and a truck are never good. The difference in sheer size and weight usually means major damage for the driver and passengers in the car. Sadly, traffic accidents are a leading cause of death for young adults, a real epidemic.

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