Speed Contributes to Fatal Motorcycle Crash in Hampton | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Last weekend saw another deadly accident involving a motorcycle hitting a car. This time, according to a Daily Press report, a 23-year-old Hampton man crashed into the passenger side door of a car that had just backed out of a driveway onto Settlers Landing Road. The as-yet unnamed motorcyclist was speeding and attempted to pass the car on the right.

I read this news Monday morning, and it got my week off to a bad start. So many things seem to have happened that did not need to, and should not, happen.

Speeding plays a role in the overwhelming majority of deadly motorcycle accidents in Virginia (VA). The car’s driver may not have completely checked for the oncoming bike.  Virginia law prohibits passing other vehicles on the right-hand side in all but the safest of conditions.

My colleagues and I have decades of experience dealing with motorcycle and car accidents. To be honest, I wish we had a little less. Motorcycle riders can do a lot to keep themselves safe and alive on the roads. Other drivers need to share the road safely with motorcyclists.

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