Speed can prove a fatal factor in motorcycle crashes, even when the driver is not breaking the speed limit.

The dangers of going into a curve too fast were illustrated by the tragic death of Kenneth Robert Karloff, 74, of Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), who was killed recently in Virginia Beach. The rider lost control of his 2007 Honda CBR because he was going too fast around a curve. He lost control of his motorcycle and rolled it over, the Virginian-Pilot reported.

Police said Mr. Karloff went too fast into the curve on Princess Anne Road, but he wasn’t traveling above the posted speed limit.

Our thoughts are with the family of this rider. As experienced Virginia Beach personal injury attorneys, we see far too many fatal accidents in which speed has contributed to the death of a rider.

In many cases car or truck drivers who are traveling too fast have killed or seriously injured motorcyclists. In 2009 we reported on a case in North Carolina (NC) in which a driver speeding at 100 mph swiped two motorcyclists and killed them. Our Virginia and North Carolina personal injury lawyers have reported on a number of wrongful death cases in which a motorcyclist lost his or her life. Where speed is involved the victims and their families often have a case to seek legal action.

Last year we reported on a series of motorcycle deaths and accidents that saw four people killed in two weeks in Virginia and North Carolina. One of the main reasons motorcyclists are killed in crashes is because the motorcycle itself provides very little protection. About 80 percent of reported motor cycle crashes cause injury or death; while the comparable figure for cars is about 20 percent.

Motorcyclists may also appear insignificant to other road users. In many of these accidents drivers of cars or trucks have failed to see motorcyclist before a collision.

Despite a long litany of crashes linked to excessive, speed, the speed limit was recently raised to 70 mph. My colleague John C. recently wrote how increasing the limit can make drivers go even faster on interstates in parts of Virginia (VA).

Speeding plays a part in the majority of fatal motorcycle accidents in Virginia. Our personal injury lawyers based in Virginia Beach, have represented a large number of people who have been hurt in motorcycle accidents. In 2008 our clients, a husband and wife injured when their Harley-Davidson was in a collision with a car driven by an off duty police officer, received a settlement of $1.5 million.