Take Necessary Steps to Avoid Trucking Accidents | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Trucks, both commercial and non-commercial, are involved in roughly 3 percent all accidents in the United States. This may seem like a small number, but that’s thousands of accidents each year where people are severely injured or killed.

Truck accidents can, and should, decrease. The responsibility falls on both drivers of trucks and drivers in general. As an injury lawyer who’s handled accident cases involving trucks, I have a deep passion for road and truck safety.

For drivers in general, the best practice is to avoid driving directly next to, or extremely close to, a large commercial truck when on the highway or rural roads. If you have no choice due to traffic or exigent circumstances, be on your guard and especially vigilant of traffic patterns. This is important since a majority of fatal truck accidents occur in rural areas during the daytime on weekdays.

Here’s a video discussing safety measures that should be taken while driving on the road with trucks…

For drivers of trucks, clearly it takes additional training and skills to handle a large-sized commercial truck or tractor trailer. A simple, yet extremely important, aspect of driving a truck is to avoid fatigue. This is especially true to commercial truck drivers hauling large shipments across state lines. Many truck drivers rely on stimulants to stay up all night in order to get their shipment to its destination, but do not overextend yourself. The safety of you and the drivers on the road is too important.

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