Teenage Driving Deaths are on the Rise in North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The North Carolina Highway Patrol told reporters that teen deaths related to car accidents are on the rise this year.

According to the highway patrol, North Carolina (NC) as a whole has seen a 22% increase in teen deaths from last year. Since January, 49 teens have been killed in car accidents. The rise in deaths occurred after a low period in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol says the simplest and best way to cut down on these staggering number of car accident related deaths is to teach new drivers better driving techniques. The highway patrol and UNC Highway Safety Research Center developed a parent/teen driver agreement. The agreement is a signed promise by teenagers to drive safer behind the wheel.

If you have a teen driver at home, take in to consideration that speed is often the leading factor in teenage car accidents. Speeding is always dangerous, but for newly taught teenagers it can be even worse. Teens are not yet equipped to handle roadways at increased speeds and should be reminded to slow down whenever possible.

Another cause of car accidents is distractions inside the car; cell phones, Ipods, and passengers create a distracting environment for newly learned drivers. Several accidents are reported in North Carolina that resulted from teenagers and adults texting on their cell phones while driving. Consider taking these distractions away from your teen when they are behind the wheel. Also, limiting the amount of passengers that can ride with your teenager may help cut down on some of the in car distractions.