What Happened

A young teenage girl and several other people received severe burns after an explosion at a party in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina (NC).


As a parent and Carolina personal injury attorney, I am upset that the man responsible has not stepped forward to accept responsibility for his actions. This is a tragic event and our sympathy goes out to the teenage girl, her family, and the other victims. Bonfire accidents are rare but the family should consult with a North Carolina (NC) personal injury lawyer to speak about their legal options.


Our firm has handled many burn accidents including those caused by construction, electrical work or renovation activities.  These accidents are usually the cause of careless or negligent person violating regulations. It is prohibited by worker compensation laws to file against one’s employer, but if a third party not directly part of construction is responsible for a negligent act; our personal injury lawyers know how to investigate such third-party claims on behalf of injured clients or family members killed in industrial settings.

Potentially Helpful Info:

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