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The Harlem Shake Hits Mass Transit Leaving Passengers at Risk for Injuries

What happened:

The latest flash-mob craze may appear to be harmless, but its increasing appearance on mass transit is raising safety concerns, especially for the disabled and the elderly.  The Harlem Shake, which has gone viral, thanks to the internet, begins when a ‘masked’ dancer starts dancing alone and then everyone joins in.

And now, even the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating a mid-air Harlem Shake on a Frontier Airlines jet. And an investigation by WLS-TV News discovered another in-the-air incident where the Harlem Shake was instigated by a flight attendant.

In the Frontier Airlines incident, with the plane 30,000 feet in the air, a passenger wearing a helmet begins dancing in the aisle. Many of the passengers, from a college Frisbee team, joined him. The incident was recorded and the video ended up on YouTube, catching the attention of the FAA. They are investigating whether such conduct is unsafe for the plane and for passengers. The team says they were given permission by the crew before they began the dance.

The incident discovered by the news station occurred on a Southwest flight. A flight attendant broke out into the Harlem Shake during what was supposed to be the safety demonstration for passengers.


The North Carolina Injury Lawyer Perspective:   

Other Harlem Shake incident investigations that have occurred on public transportation have revealed that those participating, many wearing odd masks or carrying unusual props, hurdled over seats and passengers who chose not to join in. This puts many people at high risks of injury.

When consumers utilize mass transit, there is a certain level of safety we expect from the company and from its employees. Passengers shouldn’t have to worry that actions of an employee is going to put them at risk of injury. Our firm has fought and won for many clients who were injured because of the fault of others.


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