Three Teenagers Injured when Car Hit School Bus in Augusta County | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

31 students from Beverly Manner Middle School and Buffalo Gap High School were on a bus ready for another day of learning and social activity in Augusta County, Virginia (VA). Suddenly, the trip took a terrible turn when a Mazda MVP slammed into a Kia Spectra which collided with the bus on Va. 42 (Little Calf Pasture Highway), according to

Three teenagers on the bus were injured. There’s no word as to the severity of the injuries.

Since 1977, over 2,500 people have died in bus-related accidents, according to a safety report produced by George Mason University.

This chain-reaction accident highlights the importance being extremely vigilant when driving behind a school bus. They are not typical vehicles and are prone to sudden stops and in various areas of the road.

The general rule of thumb is to be far enough away from the vehicle in front of you as to allow at least two seconds of distance for proper braking. It appears the Mazda did not allow for that amount of separation between vehicles. As we approach the winter season, you need to allow even greater distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you since hazardous road conditions could make the risk of accidents even greater.

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