Toddler Dies in Pitt County Car Crash | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A high speed crash in Pitt County has left a toddler dead after the car she was riding in lost control and flipped several times before barely missing a mobile home before it came to a stop. 

According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol the driver of the car, 27 year old Willie Judge Jr. of Greenville had lost control of the his car, before it flipped several times. The car came to rest off of Highway 43 South in Pitt County last Saturday night. 

Highway Patrol says the other three adults in the car suffered broken bones and contusions, however, one-and-a-half year old Alana Judge didn’t survive the crash. Investigators with the patrol are now looking into what caused the crash. 

Speaking on behalf of the Highway Patrol, Sergeant Ernie Coleman said, “The accident report indicated the child was in a child restraint seat, however, you have to remember this vehicle took a hard ride. It took off the road and flipped several times and it went off the road at approximately 65 miles-per-hours, so you’re talking force of great degree here and child of one-and-a-half most of the time can’t take that kind of pressure.”  

It is especially sad and tragic when a little one dies in a car wreck. Probably the worst thing in the world for a parent is to receive a phone call or to be told that their son or daughter has died. As injury lawyers we see the tragic consequences of injury from motor vehicle accidents all too frequently.  

Speeding greatly increases your chance of being involved in an accident, driver reaction time is drastically reduced, vehicles perform under different stresses and the law of physics dictate that the higher the speed at impact, the more severe the damage and injury resulting.