Toddler Ran Over by his Father’s Truck in Lumberton, North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A two year old boy was accidentally run over by his father’s truck in his driveway in Lumberton, North Carolina (NC) over the weekend.

The police report filed by Lumberton police officer J.W. Scott reports that the accident happened around 2:30 p.m. and it is unclear if the toddler was in front of or behind the truck at the time of the accident. The boy’s father Sabino Fuentes, who initially caused the accident, rushed him to a local hospital but tragically the toddler died from his injuries.

No charges have been filed on Sabino Fuentes, and the sudden and devastating loss of the small child appears to be an accident.

While rare, accidents like these do happen especially in large trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVS). Trucks and SUVs have a decreased range of visibility, especially at ground level. For this reason many new vehicles come equipped with rear view cameras that allow the driver to better see what is behind them when reversing.

Accidental child pedestrian accidents can be avoided in larger vehicles if extra caution is used. If you own a truck or SUV be sure to make note of everything in front of and behind the vehicle before moving. Since it is easy to overlook a child playing in the driveway or street, always look twice before moving your vehicle.

If you have small children at home teaching them proper car safety can go a long way in preventing accidents. Point out blind spots on your vehicle as “no play” zones. Place your child in the driver’s seat of your parked vehicle to show them how the rear view mirrors work. If you have severely limited visibility in your truck or SUV set up a check-in procedure with your child so you know where they are located before you enter your vehicle. This will keep them from accidentally getting in the path of the car.