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Top North Carolina (NC) Medical Malpractice Lawyers Must Know Doctor Experts

As an injury attorney living in North Carolina's Outer Banks (OBX) and regularly practicing in North Carolina, I know how difficult it is to win medical malpractice cases.  Only lawyers who are dedicated to handling the complicated cases have a good chance of helping their clients get compensation for a serious injury or wrongful death at the hands of a doctor or hospital in North Carolina.  Our law partner, Jim Lewis, who is also licensed in North Carolina (NC), is one of the  best medical malpractice lawyers I have ever seen, and part of the reason for this is that he knows lots of excellent doctors who are willing to testify when they see harm done to a patient by a bad doctor or a mistake which should not have happened, which can be caused even by a good doctor in North Carolina.  Jim's rolodex of experts is one of the strongest weapons that he brings to any new case of negligence against a hospital or doctor. 

Please take a look at a recent article which he put up about certification of expert testimony prior to going forward with a lawsuit on our Northeast North Carolina InjuryBoard blog.


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