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Tractor-Trailer Causes Fatal I-40 Crash

A tractor-trailer driver from Texas (TX) is facing vehicular homicide charges after a deadly accident on I-40 in Knox County, Tennesse (TN). The crash occurred when truck driver Darold Eugene Reimer struck another tractor-trailer from behind. Reimer then attempted to pass the truck and sideswiped it in the process. This caused Reimer to lose control of his vehicle, run  off the right side of the road and onto the ramp at Campbell Station Road. He struck a Saturn, causing it to run off the road. Next, Reimer's truck hit and pinned a Ford Focus against a guardrail, eventually rolling on to the vehicle.

The driver of the Focus was killed in the accident, while the driver and passenger in the Saturn were injured and taken to a local hospital. Authorities have not ruled out iling additional charges against Reimer.

Our thoughts go out to the family and loved ones of the deceased victim. By all accounts, she was a wonderful, well-loved member of her community. We send our deepest condolences to her family.

Tractor-trailer drivers need to be held responsible for the decisions they make behind the wheel. As personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, we hate to any comercial truck driver put the lives of others at risk just to pass another vehicle.

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