Tractor-Trailer Hits Train in Nevada and Kills Six, Injures Others

Sometimes even the best measures of security can't prevent an accident from happening when the at-fault driver is as grossly negligent as in a recent accident. At least six people are dead and 5 passengers remain unaccounted for after a tractor trailer slammed into an Amtrak train on Friday.

The truck was one of three that were driving together.  The other two trucks saw the warning lights and stopped however the first truck did not and instead skidded nearly 100 feet before

slamming into two of the trains cars and causing a fiery explosion.  However this isn't the first time this Nevada trucking company has been in trouble, recently they were found to have trucks with tires so bald that they were sure to cause an accident; it was only a matter of time. Many train crossing injuries and accidents are caused by the train company's failure to maintain the crossing. This time, however, it is clear that the truck driver was at fault. The truck driver died in the accident and so we will never know what caused him to disregard the crossing.

As a Virginia personal injury attorney specializing railroad and FELA cases, I know that since this was a commercial truck the company that owns the truck and employed the driver may be liable for the deaths, injuries and damage that its driver appears to have caused.   

This accident is a reminder of what can happen when two large vehicles collide, passengers often pay the ultimate price.


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