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Tractor-Trailer Driver Dies After Slamming Into Car in I-95 Work Zone in Virginia

A tractor-trailer crash on I-95 near Lorton in Northern Virginia has claimed the life of the truck's driver. Authorities say the big rig was heading north when it crashed into a vehicle in a work zone. The collision ruptured the truck's fuel tank, causing a fire. Thankfully, there was no one in the other vehicle, which had intentionally been positioned a "cushion" to protect construction workers. One worker was injured. According to, the crash occurred at 2:13 am.

Cleaning up after the early accident required nearly four hours. As a car accident personal injury attorney in Virginia, I've seen how dangerous roads can be after a wreck has occurred. Bits of metal, glass, and other materials are extremely hazardous for other drivers. Leaked fluids, too, can be very dangerous.

Because authorities are still investigating this accident, it's difficult to say why the incident occurred. We can only assume that the hour had a lot to do with it. Fatigued truck drivers are a common problem. Our thoughts are with the victim's family. Regardless of the accident's cause, it it truly for those the trucker left behind.


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