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Traumatic Brain Injury Can Forever Change a Child

Many victims who suffer a traumatic brain injury have their lives permanently altered. The brain is such a complex organ that severe trauma can result in loss of memory, motor function and speech. The effects of a serious head injury can be even worse for young children because their brains are still developing.

Take, for example, an accident that ocurred in Norfolk, Virginia (VA). A 2-year-old boy fell from a balcony at a Ramada Inn on North Military Highway. Doctors determined the boy suffered hemorraging of the brain. It will be hard to know just how much damage was inflicted on the boy's brain until he reaches the age of five or six.  

When evaluating the extent of a brain injury, an evaluation by a trained doctor who specializes in head trauma is essential. Hopefully, the young boy received this medical attention. There is a good chance he will need to see a brain specialist multiple times over the years to fully assess the effects of the injury.   

Reports indicate the young boy fell from the balcony because a bar was missing that caused a big enough gap to allow the boy to get through and fall to the ground, according to Police are investigating the scene of the accident and will hopefully determine how long the hotel negligently left the balcony without the proper number of bars.  

The family of the young boy should consult with an injury lawyer in Norfolk to discuss their legal options, since the duty of care for a hotel owner is high under Virginia law. Specifically, Virginia Code § 35.1-28 states that "it shall be the duty of any person owning or operating a hotel to exercise due care and diligence in providing honest and competent employees and to take reasonable precautions to protect the persons and property of the guestsof the hotel."  

If the young boy is permanently effected by the injury he sustained in this accident, he will probably require a lifetime of care and rehabilitation. The medical expenses could be in the hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars. This is why filing a personal injury claim and getting the assistance of a Virginia brain injury attorney is a prudent decision.  

To learn more, take a look at this free consumer guide about traumatic brain injuries, written by a Virginia brain injury lawyer

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