Tree Falls On Traveling Car Killing Garner Man Inside | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A freak accident has taken the life of a Garner man after a large tree fell on top of the car he was riding in. The victim, Dejuan Green, 21, of Garner, North Carolina was riding in the front seat of a car when a massive tree crushed it, killing him on impact.  

According to NC Trooper Eric Hunt, both the driver, John Wolff of Raleigh, and back seat passenger, Brandy Donovan of Garner, were taken to Wake Med and are in good condition. Officer Hunt reported that the tree measured around 24-26 inches in diameter. Firefighters responded and helped cut the tree into pieces with chainsaws to remove it from the vehicle. 

The experienced Trooper mentioned to news sources that he had never seen this sort of accident in his entire career. Hunt admitted that usually this sort of accident happens when the tree is already down and a vehicle drives into it, not falling on top of the vehicle. According to officials the accident is being blamed on the tree’s age and condition.