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Truck Crash Prevention: How to Safely Drive a Rental Moving Truck

Last month in Richmond, a young father lost his life on I-95 when he was struck by a passing U-Haul truck while changing a flat tire on the shoulder of the interstate. Sadly, it is one of many types of rental truck accidents that take place across Virginia each year. What can we do to prevent these tragic moving truck accidents? Start by reading these safety tips regarding how you can help prevent U-Haul accidents when you are behind the wheel.


  • Understand the size of your truck. Many moving truck accidents occur because a driver doesn’t realize how tall, wide, and heavy the truck they are driving is. Be careful of low bridges, narrow roads, and tight parking spaces. 
  • Understand the weight of your truck. Because your vehicle is heavy, it will take longer to slow down and to stop completely. Put more room between you and the vehicle ahead of you, and stay extremely vigilant when driving. 
  • Be aware of sway. Sway – the side-to-side movement of the back of your moving truck – can lead to rollovers or loss of control. If you feel sway, slow down by taking your foot off of the accelerator. Never speed up or brake suddenly. 
  • Pack your truck carefully. The way you pack the truck could help you prevent an accident. Never overload the truck. Never pack heavier objects on top of lighter ones, and always properly secure items to avoid shift during transportation. 
  • Slow down. You cannot drive a rental moving truck at the same speeds as your regular vehicle. Don’t rush. 
  • Be extra careful if towing a trailer. Towing a trailer or vehicle behind your moving truck adds extra hazards.

If you have been involved in a rental moving truck accident – whether you were driving the vehicle or whether you were struck by the vehicle – you may wish to speak with a Virginia truck accident attorney. Call the experienced lawyers at Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan today to schedule a free consultation.

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