Two Die in Fairfax County Car Crash

What Happened:

A car was driving on I-66 in Fairfax County, Virginia going westbound near Route 266 when the driver appears to have fallen asleep. The car flew off the interstate and drove into a tree. A woman passenger and her sister in law died at the scene. The driver suffered minor injuries and went to the hospital.

Police stated that alcohol was not a factor in the wreck, but driver fatigue may have been involved. The driver could face charges in the future, according to the Washington Times.

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

We regret the loss of life in this unfortunate accident. It is unfortunate that something as simple as driver fatigue could lead to such tragic results. This is a good reminder that all of us should be sure to be well rested before we drive. A Virginia personal injury lawyer could help the families of the deceased to file a civil claim against the driver in this case. While filing a law suit against the driver could be awkward, as the passengers knew the driver, you should remember that the suit would be filed against the driver’s car insurance company.

Helpful Info:

Our legal firm has written this helpful document about the four crucial elements of a wrongful death claim.

Have Questions?

FAQs involving wrongful death lawsuits.

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