Two Teenagers in Hospital after Accident with Distracted Coal Truck Driver | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

No one disputes distracted driving is extremely dangerous, but it is downright hazardous when you’re operating a coal truck. Unfortunately, a 26-year-old coal truck driver in Charleston, West Virginia (WV) apparently threw caution to the wind, took his eyes off the road and wound up hitting a Chevy Trailblazer on W.Va. 61 near Beards Fork.

There were two 19-year-olds in the Blazer and both are now in the hospital receiving treatment for their injuries. One of the victims is in critical condition, according to the West Virginia Gazette.

Reports indicate that a cell phone was not the distraction for the coal truck driver. This accident illustrates the fact that distracted driving comes in many forms, not just by texting and driving or talking on your phone. If you fiddle with the radio for too long or try to type in directions on your GPS system, you are a distracted driver. The point is that you should not take your eyes off the road.

“If you take your attention off the road for even an instant, the results can be tragic,” said Sheriff Steve W. Kessler.

We wholeheartedly agree.

To learn more about the safety risks associated with various forms of distracted driving, download this free consumer report.