Unnecessary Concussions and Brain Injury Can Occur in Children’s Athletics | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The medical issues surrounding traumatic brain injury (TBI) have become much more discussed in the news with the veterans coming home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and new attention paid by military doctors to this type of injury.  Sometimes a blow to the head can result in a skull wound which is cracked open, bleeding and with obvious outward signs of the trauma.  Even more common is closed head injury, where the swelling of brain tissue and the ripping of the structures of the brain occur at a microscopic or cellular level which is not something that you can see just by looking at a person.  The type of mild/moderate traumatic brain injury can still be permanent.


The risks of blows to the face and head resulting in permanent cognitive impairment, headaches, and memory loss as well as mood problems like irritability and depression can happen to children from injuries in sports.  Some of these concussions are an unfortunate but normal part of the games that high school students and college athletes play.  However, some are preventable because they were the result of the carelessness or lack of attention of the adults who are supposed to be in charge of the game.  Please click here to read a recent library article about this topic.


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