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Virginia Collision Caused by Stalled Vehicle

When I drive around Hampton Roads, Virginia, I am amazed at how many cars are stopped in the road blocking up traffic. A recent personal injury case reminded me how a car obstructing the highway can lead to disaster. A stalled vehicle on U.S. Route 58 caused a tractor-trailer to swerve into another lane to avoid hitting the stopped car. The driver of the car behind the tractor-trailer, traveling a safe distance away from the tractor-trailer according the witnesses, was not able to see the stopped car until the tractor-trailer swerved out of the way. Although the driver of the car applied the brakes, the weather conditions caused him to swerve into the right lane because the truck had slowed down and blocked the left lane. The driver went onto the shoulder of the road which was slippery and wet due to the rain because there was no other place to go without hitting either the stopped car or the tractor trailer. After passing the stalled vehicle, he attempted to return to the road, but his car went in front of the tractor-trailer causing the tractor-trailer to strike the vehicle.

 The injuries that occurred during this accident were multiple contusions and rib fractures. The passenger in the car behind the tractor-trailer, filed a lawsuit against Jane Doe, the unknown lady whose car was stopped in the middle of the street. The first demand was $300,000 and the last demand was $195,000. The offer from the defendant was $55,000. A jury verdict was reached, and the amount owed to the plaintiff was $200,000. The plaintiff attorney: George Albiston did a great job in this case. 


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