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Virginia Truck Accident Involving Three Other Vehicles Kills Two, Injures Six

A head-on collision between two semis on U.S. 460 in Prince George County, Virgini (VA), killed the tractor-trailer drivers and injured six others in three nearby vehicles.

Police investigating the accident think it began when a commercial truck tried to avoid a minivan stopped in the left-hand lane to make a turn. The trucker swerved across the center lines and collided with another semi coming the other way, causing a crash that sent debris flying onto the road and into other vehicles. The truck that had attempted to avoid crashing into the van still hit it.

Two of the injured people were taken to the hospital, and four others were treated at the scene.


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The North Carolina Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyers' Perspective

A crash of this magnitude can be difficult to sort out, which is why it will be important for victims to contact experienced truck crash attorneys. If it is determined that one truck driver caused the entire accident, claims may need to be filed against his insurance carrier and the insurer for the company he was driving for. If faulty equipment caused the accident, the deceased driver’s family may be able to file a wrongful death suit against the company to be compensated for their loss. If more than one person was at fault, several claims or lawsuits may need to be filed with several different parties.

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Our truck accident law firm has helped numerous individuals settle claims and receive the compensation they deserve for the loss of a loved one. In one case, the family of a man killed in a truck accident and his family was awarded $3.5 million.

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