Virginia/Carolina Border Personal Injury Lawyers With Experience Representing Active/Retired Military Suffering Injuries (Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Seals, Coast Guard)


My partner John C. posted an article about our military clients, discussing the importance/significance of retaining experienced injury lawyers like our Norfolk/Virginia Beach based personal injury law firm, because we have decades of personal injury law experience representing active and retired military service men and women clients, and our lawyers hold Virginia and North Carolina lawyer licenses as well.  This makes sense, since our injury law firm home office is on the Norfolk/Virginia Beach border.  Norfolk, bordering Virginia Beach, is home to the world’s largest Navy base and geographically Virginia Beach stretches to the Northeast North Carolina border, so thousands of consumers commute between NC and VA and vice versa..  Thousands of active/retired Navy sailors/officers, Army, Air Force, Marines, Seals, and Coast Guard men and women reside in the Hampton Roads, VA area.  Norfolk  Naval Station (NAS) is the world’s largest Naval Station, supporting 75 ships and 134 aircraft alongside 14 piers and 11 aircraft hangars. The Port Services control more than 3,100 ships’ movements annually as they arrive and depart their berths.  Related Air Operations conduct over 100,000 flight operations each year, an average of 275 flights per day or one every six minutes!  The Navy Amphibious Base, Little Creek  is located in Virginia Beach, near our home office, the Naval Air Station, Oceana (NAS) is in Virginia Beach, and a major Coast Guard base, the Coast Guard Air Station, Elizabeth City, NC,  is just across the North Carolina (NC) border not far from the Cheapeake or Virginia Beach border at the North Carolina-Virginia line.

For example, John’s article explains how experienced injury lawyers at our injury law firm deal with on base/military clinic medical care.  So in these cases you are best off to get the medical records directly from the client who typically keeps his own jacket of military medical records. Then, what you have to do is to take the relevant records and send them back to the government, for the Navy typically Naval Legal Services, and ask them to put a dollar figure on the value of the treatment. What Naval Legal Services will do is to confirm what the appropriate “statement of value” is for the military care that you’re claiming in the accident case. Naval Legal Services will typically send you the Statement of Value for you to use as a kind of dummy bill to present to the insurance company for the at fault driver.


The article explains how the government/military is reimbursed the value of the medical services, out of the settlement or verdict in a personal injury case/suit.   Our injury law firm has represented, and is familiar with all these issues or terms of local significance:

  • Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Seals-personal injury claim/suits (car/truck accidents and other types of injury claims)
  • Oceana personal injury claim/suits
  • NAB/Norfolk Naval Base personal injury claim/suits
  • NOB personal injury claim/suits
  • Active/Retired Military personal injury claim/suits
  • Elizabeth City Coast Guard Base personal injury claim/suits
  • Coast Guard personal injury claim/suits