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Personal Injury Or Death Victims In Virginia (VA/WV) and Carolina (NC/SC) Car Or Truck Accidents Caused By Alcohol-Drunk Drivers, (Drinking & Driving/DUI/DWI)

My partner, attorney Rick Shapiro, has written 3 articles exploring personal injury and wrongful death cases where a drunk driver/drunk driving (DUI/DWI) was a probable cause of the car or truck accident in Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV), North Carolina (NC) or beyond.  The article discusses how our personal injury lawyers represent the victims of these tragic car accidents including exploring the evidence of alcohol/drinking on the wreck, the types of damages/recoveries, and especially how our attorneys may allege punitive or punishment damages in drinking and driving cases.  One article excerpt:

When our clients or their family members are injured (or killed) by acts of a drunk driver, there are numerous special circumstances that our personal injury lawyers will examine.  Our goal in a DUI/DWI/drunk driving case  is to find all applicable insurance recovery sources, and recover personal injury compensation for all types of losses, including medical bills, lost wages, permanent injuries, pain, suffering, scars  and all other expenses that resulted from a DUI/DWI/alcohol or drug impaired car accident.

In drunk driving/DUI/DWI cases, we can sometimes bring a claim for punitive damages. This is “punishment” compensation that arises out of the grossly negligent or egregiously bad acts by a drunk driver. While other injury case compensation is paid to cover the injuries and harm that has been caused to the victim, punitive damages are paid as a form of punishment to the drunk driver who caused the drunk driving accident.

How can a personal injury lawyer use the drunk driving facts or a criminal conviction?  In a civil injury lawsuit, your injury lawyer may be able to offer evidence of a DUI/drinking plea of guilty by the drunk driver.  But in many states, if the drunk driver does not plead guilty (but is found guilty) the law prohibits offering the fact of the conviction.  Do not get confused-even if the conviction itself is inadmissible, a personal injury attorney can still offer any proof to show that the driver was drunk, and can offer evidence of drunken behavior, of a BAC result or medical test result.

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