Virginia/North Carolina Car Wrecks Caused by Cell Phone Use Can Be a Huge Problem for Insurer | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A lawyer with our law firm just wrote a post on our Norfolk/Portsmouth, Virginia (VA) injuryboard website about cell phones and car crashes. John C. talks about how he always sends a request for documents to the at-fault driver in a car or truck injury case to get a copy of the cell phone records of the driver who struck our client.  Motorists in Virginia (VA) and North Carolina (NC) may not realize that talking on the phone in the car is really the same as downing a couple of drinks and getting behind the wheel.  The act of defensive driving requires your full attention and is a complicated task.  Anything, including trying to carry on a conversation, well enough dialing numbers or texting, can cause a person to fail to see what they need to see on the road or be able to react in time.  The results of cell phone use whether on a city street or on the freeway can lead to a major collision sending another person or their passengers to the hospital.