Who Should I Contact To Discuss My Personal Injury Case? 

There’s No Substitute for an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents—and their aftermath—are stressful experiences, regardless of their circumstances. It can be overwhelming to figure out who to contact after getting in a car or other type of accident.

Please remember that your initial consultation should always be with a personal injury attorney. While many law firms may try to convince you that you are still receiving the best service after being handed off to a paralegal or investigator, this is inaccurate. Only a full-fledged attorney can determine whether you have a good personal injury case. They have the skills and experience necessary to evaluate your case properly.

Reasons to Discuss Personal Injury Cases with an Attorney

The primary reasons you should discuss your case with an attorney include:

Legal Expertise: Remember that attorneys have completed extensive legal education and training. They are best suited to evaluate personal injury cases and to provide expert guidance to determine whether the details of your situation will enable you to build a solid legal case. While they play a critical role in the legal system, paralegals and investigators do not have the same level of training to independently provide the same quality of legal advice.

Case Assessment: Attorneys can evaluate certain aspects of your personal injury case and provide expert opinions regarding its strengths and weaknesses, thereby helping to determine whether you can build a solid case. Attorneys know what factors contribute to a good case based on experience and education. They are well-versed regarding what leads to a successful claim and the types of cases that typically won’t generate substantial awards for damage. This is why the initial consultation should be with an attorney who can advise you on your specific case’s potential risks and benefits.

Statute of Limitations: Personal injury cases are subject to a statute of limitations—a deadline for filing lawsuits. Attorneys are well aware of these deadlines and will ensure your case is filed in accordance with the appropriate timeline.

Legal Ethics: An attorney is bound by ethical rules to act in your best interest; therefore, their values will align with yours regarding what you want to achieve through bringing your case to the legal system. Unlike an attorney, an investigator may work for an insurance company and, therefore, seek the smallest payout possible.

Only a Full-Fledged Attorney Will Do

While skilled paralegals and investigators play valuable roles in assisting attorneys, they should not be used as a substitute for an actual attorney consultation. You must communicate directly with the person taking your case against the insurance company to obtain appropriate legal counsel.

If you are looking for a Virginia personal injury attorney, please contact Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp for a free consultation. We will provide the legal expertise needed to determine whether or not you have a solid case.

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